The Beginning of BROG 4.0

Jun 12, 2020by Jason F

BROG. 4.0

In our recent Moving Day video, we showed you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into all the work it took to move our shop - around 30 trailer loads!

We also revealed that our new space is a former Bricklin SV-1 sports car repair and parts manufacturing facility run by former Bricklin engineer Terry Tanner. And because of the Bricklin's likeness to the DeLorean of 'Back to the Future' fame, it is seriously possible that this was indeed a top secret time machine production facility. We can neither confirm nor deny that DARPA may have been involved.

Bricklin SV-1

The good news is, after our Moving Day, we did indeed get things in order and we quickly were back in action. There is still some old junk to sort out and parts of the shop that will get some more TLC as we go, but the whole team has been in full swing and we are excited for the beginning of BROG 4.0.

If you are not familiar with Blue Ridge Overland Gear history here's a quick primer:

  • (BROG 1.0) We literally started in a small green shed on Matt and Liz Akenhead's farm here in Bedford, Virginia, USA - affectionately known as 'the Thread Shed' - around 2012.
  • (BROG 2.0) Production was eventually moved to a larger garage on the farm and the business continued to grow.
  • (BROG 3.0) Around three and half years ago we moved to the old Bedford Hardware building in the town of Bedford, and even opened an informal retail space and started hosting some events for overlanders at the shop.
  • (BROG 4.0) Today, in the renovated shop where Terry Tanner was resurrecting Bricklin SV-1s we are setting the stage for further growth - all while being in the country on sixty acres - which we love, because we're all about getting outdoors.

We are claiming the shop as our own and look forward to continuing the tradition of American manufacturing in support of all you who love overlanding and the outdoor lifestyle, like we do.

Be watching for more updates on the new shop in the coming weeks and months - and stop by if you are passing through.

humble beginnings

 (This is a picture of the original 'Thread Shed' where it all started (BROG 1.0) - still standing today on the Akenhead's farm!)