Apocalypse 2020 Patch: Get Your Merit Badge!

Oct 9, 2020by Jason F
Apocalypse 2020 patch - a merit badge for keeping your sanity


2020 has been a year of dramatic turmoil and unknown unknowns. With a global pandemic, a toilet paper famine, murder hornets, an abundance of natural disasters, civil unrest, an explosive presidential election, and other volatile events, civilization seems pushed to the brink. But you are a resilient soul and you know the best place to ride out the chaos of Apocalypse 2020 - in the outdoors!

You've kept your sanity - now get the merit badge. The Apocalypse 2020 patch is a limited edition design with only 1,000 in circulation. When supplies run out it will never be offered again. You might say - the end is near!