Unimog Walkaround with Mike Ladden of DTG

1 comment Feb 6, 2020by Jason F

BROG caught up with Mike Ladden from Drive the Globe at Overland Expo East 2019. Ladden gave us a tour of his 1979 Mercedes Unimog with his modified US Military trailer.

When Ladden purchased the vehicle in Switzerland fourteen years ago, his chief goal was to find something that allowed the possibility of remote travel all over the globe even through extreme terrain. Unimogs were originally designed for heavy farmwork and rugged terrain. "It's sort of a glorified tractor," Ladden said.

Ladden's Unimog pulls a modified US Military trailer which has been customized for comfort on extended expeditions. "The main goals for the trailer were a comfortable place to sleep, and a full stand-up hot shower," Ladden said. While it's functionality is immediately apparent inside the trailer, the interior of the trailer is decorated with thoughtful details and stylish paneling. It's fully functional as a work station from the road too.

Ladden gets asked frequently, what's it like to drive the Unimog. "It is a lot easier and more comfortable than you can imagine," Ladden said. The vehicle has air-assisted brakes and power steering. The vehicle also features a 24,000 lbs. hydraulic winch for getting the vehicle "unstuck." Another unique feature Ladden implemented is an aviation internal speaker system for communicating between passengers. "The Unimog isn't one of the quietest trucks in the world," Ladden said. Ladden, also a pilot, has aviation headsets and speakers installed for communication between the driver and passenger.

Check out the full tour of the Unimog and let us know what you think.


Gear in Mike's Truck: