Ultimate Utility Build for Overlanding, Towing and Farm Work

Apr 21, 2022by Jason F

Few overlanders have a rig that's dedicated to just hitting the trails. At the very least, it needs to pull daily driver duty by hauling the family, and sometimes farm work and towing are tossed in the mix. This is exactly the idea behind the Ultimate Utility build Suburban.

With a focus on communication, first aid, and general organization, the Suburban can transition from towing farm equipment to hitting the trails in no time flat. Matt practices what he preaches. Instead of building his Suburban just for overlanding he has designed his rig to fit his needs, whether as a daily driver, a farm truck, or an adventure rig.

Kids that are involved in tons of extracurriculars come with tons of equipment, so staying organized is key. Then you have gear like first aid, comms, and emergency equipment that need to be on hand at all times. Last, some gear to make a quick lunch or coffee is super useful when you're on the go. Drawers keep things organized, and Matt's fridge is wired into his Goal Zero Yeti and a solar system. When he won't be running the truck for a while, the NOCO shore power charger keeps everything topped off.

The Suburban isn't too suburban, though. With a Buckstop steel bumper, Super Winch, and plenty of auxiliary lighting, it can head into the backcountry without missing a beat. Check out the video to get the full rundown of all of these systems and more.