Toyota Chinook, RestoMod Mashup | Overland Walkaround

Jan 6, 2022by Jason F

An Audacious Plan

Hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska, Austin and Ashley started planning a long road-trip but soon found themselves pulled into an audacious plan for full-time adventure travel. They needed a suitable vehicle that was up to the task and Mako was conceived - a 1982 Toyota Chinook 'restomod' mashup that was as audacious as their overlanding aspirations.

Resto... What?

If you've never heard of restomodding, it's a fancy name for restoring classic vehicles back to their original glory... but with a twist - including some modern upgrades worked into the overall build. They may look like their historic predecessors in most ways but look closer and you will see some serious new features.

Three As One: Chinook + Pickup + 4Runner

Mako is a great example of a restomod - created from the heart, soul, and sweat of their makers. Sporting the appearance of a traditional Toyota Chinook, the vehicle also incorporates features of a 1982 Toyota pickup and a 1999 4Runner. With some modern amenities, clever problem solving, and unique touches all their own, Austin and Ashley have created a one-of-a-kind overlanding rig that is worthy of their wanderlust ambitions.

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