Top 5 Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Dads

May 22, 2024by Jason F
Top 5 unique Father's Day gift ideas for outdoorsy dads


Finding the perfect Father's Day gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life can be tricky. The Leatherman multi-tool and Yeti cooler won't cut it this year. Their favorite dark roast coffee, another quirky phrase t-shirt, or rugged flashlight, are all safe bets, but you can do better. You don't need to reveal where you got your brilliant gift ideas but we want to make the search for something unique a little easier. We put together a list of our favorite gift ideas for outdoorsy Dads and hope you'll find something useful for the adventure lovers in your life.

Wazoo Gear Cache Belt

Wazoo Survival Gear - Cache Belt

Gift the gift of wilderness preparedness with Wazoo survival gear. Founded by an avid adventurer and an engineer, Wazoo offers wicked smart solutions for efficiently carrying the gear most needed in any outdoor scenario. When camping, overlanding, hiking, or hunting, you can't predict all the things that can go sideways - but you don't need to when you can turn yourself into a veritable swiss army knife. MacGyver would be proud. Check out Wazoo's Cache Belt and other clever offerings.


Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering Ticket

Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering ticket


Speaking of preparedness and survival, give the gift of wilderness knowledge with a ticket to Georgia Bushcraft's Fall Gathering November 8-10, 2024. This annual weekend of camping and learning from bushcraft and self-reliance instructors is the perfect immersion for anyone wanting to do a deep dive into wilderness survival and meeting others of like mind. Also, this is a family-friendly event, so consider going together as a family. We'll be there with a Blue Ridge Overland Gear booth so we hope to see you there! Check out their other events throughout the year as well.


Radio Chatter

Radio Chatter conversational card game


If your outdoorsy Dad is all about overlanding, remote camping, and getting off-road, than the Radio Chatter game may be a fun gift. Designed as a standard deck of cards, it also doubles as a pack of questions to create connections with new and old friends while on the road or trail. When you're talking on the radio to pass the time these are fun and entertaining conversation starters. All that time spent in vehicles while adventuring could be spent building relationships!


Grayl GeoPress® Ti

Grayl GeoPress® Ti Purifier



Grayl is one of the most innovative on-the-go, and in-the-wild, water filtration companies. Their quality gear is beloved by hikers, remote campers, and wilderness enthusiasts alike. With Grayl's new GeoPress® Ti they are taking their product offering to a new level. This unassuming compact water bottle does so much more than first appears. Not only does it turn dirty water into clean drinking water, but you can also use drink powders with it without clogging the filter, and you can heat up water in it on your camp stove! This is a must have for the serious outdoorsman.


Bum Bag / Bum Bag XL

Blue Ridge Overland Gear: Bum Bag and Bum Bag XL


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Blue Ridge Overland Gear has been making modular, rugged bags and gear organizers for overlanders and adventure seekers since 2012. We recently expanded into the EDC (everyday carry) space and have found the Bum Bag to be one of our best sellers. In fact, even around our offices and production shop you'll see a number of Bum Bags being worn - it's definitely a staff favorite! We built on the success of our Bum Bag with the release of the Bum Bag XL - which offers more space and a few more features, including a zipper pocket on the back and technical X-Pac fabric construction. What makes these waist packs / slings unique is the inside of each one can be customized with our Velcro EDC Organizers. They are easy to personalize and adapt to changing needs over time.

Happy Father's Day To All the Adventure Dads Out There

We hope these five unique Father's Day gift ideas for adventurous Dads will help you bless the Dad's in your life. Ultimately, time spent together in the Great Outdoors is the best gift you can ever give. These gift ideas can help make those times together even better. Happy Father's Day!