Tool Bag: Redefined

Dec 3, 2020



Here by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia we make alot of different gear organizers to maximize your overlanding and outdoor adventures.

By far one of the most popular gear organizers we build is our Tool Bag. It's a simple, rugged design with removable Velcro backed pouches that have a clear front to easily identify contents. The BROG Tool Bag is compact, for easy storage on the go, and can swallow all the tools you'll need for vehicle repair out on the trail - or for everyday use. 

No more jangly tools rattling around when out on the trail, no more bulky tool boxes. Save space and know quickly where all your tools are, so you can be ready for anything, no matter where you are. The BROG Tool Bag is made in America (at our shop in Bedford, Virginia) with durable, tactical quality materials, with a lifetime guarantee - so buy once and roll on.

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