Trail Creeper: The Multi-Tool of Rugged Mats

Feb 20, 2020

When you ask Keith Wilson to sum up his creation, the Trail Creeper multi-purpose mat, he smiles knowingly and says: "It's the handiest thing you never knew you needed".

The Trail Creeper is a multi-functional piece of gear that could become essential on your next trip. It just has so many uses. It's great for mechanic work; and not having to lay on the wet ground to do a spur of the moment repair. When opened and flat, it measures 24 x 36". Folded closed, the Trail Creeper is roughly 8 x 24 x 3", so it doesn't take up a lot of space in your vehicle. It's also modular ; attach a second Trail Creeper, either horizontally or vertically, and you've got an even bigger space to work with.

It's made of tough truck tarp, so it'll just wipe clean if it the bottom gets muddy. The top portion is made of rugged nylon cordura. And the best part is, it's handcrafted by the BROG team in Virginia, USA.

When we say it has many uses, we aren't kidding. Use it as sleeping pad when you're camping, or a seat cushion in your deer stand. If you owned a pair of acid-washed jeans as a teenager, you're now probably old enough now to value a good knee-pad; and the Trail Creeper makes a great one! It's great for gardeners, carpenters, and concrete workers. And most importantly, let's not overlook the fact that it provides a handy place to take a nap!

Check out the Trail Creeper, you'll be glad you did!