Solo Travel Jeep Build: Walkaround

Jun 2, 2022by Jason F

Outfitting a vehicle for solo travel comes with it's own unique goals and challenges. Candi, of @ChicksDoIt2, wanted a setup that would allow her the freedom to enjoy her journeys independently - while maximizing her space and tackling the challenges of solo travel as a woman.

In this Blue Ridge Overland Gear exclusive video, Candi gives us a full walkaround tour of her overland rig, explaining her customizations and favorite gear choices.

In the beginning, she just took her 2015 Jeep Sahara JKU with a simple cooler, basic gear, and hit the road less traveled. But over time discovered that some key upgrades would allow her to greatly improve her adventures.

One of the major investments she made was in a Ursa Minor pop-up camper that replaced her Jeep's hardshell top. This change alone enabled her more security, more room, and a better sleeping arrangement. It effectively turned her Jeep JKU into a micro camper.

Other upgrades she made were:

  • Better shocks to accommodate the weight of the Ursa Minor integrated camper shell.
  • Converting her back bumper into a 7-gallon water tank for showers and dishwashing.
  • A homemade drop down tailgate table with utensil rack (made with basic hardware store supplies).
  • Simple paracord system with carabiners for storing fresh food in mesh bags.
  • ARB awning with netted cabin room (a favorite for her trusty traveling companion Duke).
  • Rain guards and steel vents for windows.
  • Floor plate system with her gear in dry bags.
  • Powered portable fridge (her old cooler has become the dry box for non-refrigerated food items).
  • BROG MOLLE Visor Organizer and Velcro Pouch (Medium).

Space is at a premium in an overland vehicle. Get inspired by this clever and compact Jeep build, and don't miss our other monthly vehicle walkarounds.