Rebelle Rally Recap - w/ Team Veterans United

Oct 6, 2021by Jason F


The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally of its type in the United States. It is the ultimate challenge for the adventurous and competitive woman. You do not need to be a professional driver or have a race vehicle. The Rebelle is designed for 4×4 and X-Cross™ vehicles and takes place on the stunning dirt roads, trails, and sand dunes of the American West.

We recently caught up with Mandy from Team Veterans United to hear about her experiences last year at the Rebelle and why she is returning to do it all again.

Mandy explains the highs, the lows and everything in between - and why the Rebelle Rally is a unique experience worth embracing. She also gives some tips and advice for learning more about the Rebelle Rally and how to become a competitor.

The Rally takes place this OCTOBER 7th-16th and will be a 10-day rally starting in Arizona and finishing in eastern California. Teams will be navigating to hidden checkpoints using only a compass and map over 2000+ km! 

Once the rally starts you can follow the daily updates on the Rebelle Rally website and don't forget to follow @teamveteransunited on Instagram!