Pooper Trooper Lite + Bum Bag Offer

Apr 20, 2023

What started as an April Fool's joke, has now become reality! On April 1st we premiered the Pooper Trooper video, highlighting a versatile kit for doing your business in the backwoods. The video garnered an overwhelming amount of comments and views - with a majority of comments pleading: 'please make this product!'

So here we are to make your dreams come true :) The Pooper Trooper in the original video would have been far too expensive to sell so we did some refining and decided to make a very basic chest rig that you can customize. The new Pooper Trooper Lite is a simple platform that allows you to attach MOLLE pouches and other accessories to make your 'Call of Duty' kit one of kind, built for your preferences.

Take advantage of this limited run Pooper Trooper Lite release. Kit it out with Blue Ridge Overland Gear MOLLE pouches or use your own. And what's more: we want to see your customized Pooper Trooper Lite. Post a video of your kit to Instagram or YouTube and we will send you a free Bum Bag! See the details below:

  1. Purchase our Pooper Trooper Lite.
  2. Kit it out with our MOLLE pouches, etc - or use your own.
  3. Post a video of your customized Pooper Trooper Lite to Instagram or YouTube.
  4. If you posted your video to Instagram tag us: #blueridgeoverlandgear. Also please DM us so we don't miss your post.
  5. If you posted your video to YouTube please email us the link at: support@blueridgeoverlandgear.com
  6. We will send you a free Bum Bag (only one per customer)!

We look forward to seeing how you kit out your Pooper Trooper Lite. Enlist today! This limited run pre-order is open for one week only and will end on 4/27/23. Orders will ship around 5/11/23.