Pooper Trooper!

Apr 1, 2023

Doing your business in the backwoods can be complicated. That's why we created the Pooper Trooper, a new wearable kit for keeping all your 'call of duty' gear organized and accessible for when nature calls.

Up front you've got the adjustable tension system for holding your favorite TP roll. Sometimes you've got to 'do some paperwork' after sunset, so we've featured a wide webbing section so you can clip your favorite headlamp or flashlight facing out. To make sure you get through this process as clean as possible we've added a hand sanitizer holder, right here within reach. There's even a way to mount a small shovel in the back so you can be ready for that cathole digging action.

The most impressive feature of the Pooper Trooper, the built in support strap! The frog clip is rated to 26 Kilonewtons - so you can trust it when you're in a vulnerable place.

The Pooper Trooper from Blue Ridge Overland Gear, so you can lean back, relax, and do what you've got to do!


UPDATE: 4/6/23

After 83,000 views on Instagram of the Pooper Trooper video, and a boatload of comments insisting it should be made, we started wondering: "Could this be a real product?" Nothing is official yet, but there are rumors going around the BROG shop that some kind of simplified version of the Pooper Trooper may indeed be possible. But if we move forward there's going to be twist - and maybe even a video contest, and maybe something free thrown in. It's all speculation but we want your opinion.   Should this myth be made into a living legend? Cast your vote now!


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