Overland Trip Navigation: Physical Map Resources

Never underestimate the importance of having analog, physical maps at hand. In this video, Dean walks us through part one of a series on Trip Navigation Resources. He discusses how to use various kinds of paper maps in tandem for trip planning and overland navigation. For comprehensive route planning it is important to have a diversity of maps.

In the second half of the video Dean unpacks how to do 'resource stacking' when using physical maps and which ones are best for overland route discovery. Those can include pre-planned routes like the Backcountry Discovery Route series or trial network maps like those found in places like Moab, Utah.

Map resources we feature in the video include:

While digital maps are becoming the go-to resource for route planning and overland navigation it's important to invest in physical maps as well. If your digital devices ever failed do you have an alternative way to stay on route? Long live analog maps!

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