Overland Trip Navigation: Digital Map Resources

May 28, 2020by Jason F

In this video we explore some digital map resources to help you with overland trip navigation and route planning. This is a re-release of content we featured on our weekly Bonfire show but with extra, more in-depth footage.

If you've been looking for a comprehensive intro to using digital maps for overland trip planning and route navigation don't miss it!

Check out the links below for the websites and keywords mentioned in this video.

Digital Map Resources:

Navigation Apps with Web Portal:

Keywords to use in search engines:

  • "trans" + area/state/region = Example: "Trans America Trail"
  • "traverse" + area/state/region = Example: "Georgia Traverse"
  • "overland trail" + area/state/region = Example
  • "Allegheny & Shenandoah Overland Trail"
  • "adventure trail" + area/state/region = Example: "Kentucky Adventure Trail"
  • "backcountry" + area/state/region = Example: "Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway"

Online Communities

Products Mentioned in this Video: