Overland Fridge Install Tips!

Nov 12, 2020


In this video we pass along some of the most important tips on installing and using a vehicle fridge (aka: powered cooler) based on what kind of overlanding trip you are going to take.

Once you make the choice to step up your game and graduate from a regular cooler to a powered 12 volt vehicle fridge, you'll want to keep some essential things in mind, including:

  • How to keep your food cold longer.
  • How to maintain a healthy battery to power your fridge.
  • What kind of battery systems are available (ex: PLB40).
  • Best practices for fridge placement and mounting.
  • How to be prepared for electrical failures out on the trail.
  • How to keep your fridge secure.

Vehicle fridges can be a game changer, allowing you to take longer overlanding trips while still keeping some of the culinary comforts of home even when camping out in the wild.