Overland Comms Part 3

Jul 30, 2020

When your adventure takes you off the grid, access to communication solutions become even more essential. In this video we break down the two most common "off grid" communication solutions overland travel enthusiasts rely upon during a Level III trip. The first is satellite communication utilizing something like a Garmin InReach. The other is Amateur Radio (aka "HAM").

We fully admit this video just scrapes the surface of all things HAM, but we also don't want to overwhelm people new to radio communications. As we said from the beginning, we're not here to cover everything, just help you make an informed decision about what you may or may not need when it comes to radio comms.

0:00 What is a Level 3 Trip?

0:56 Satellite Communication

3:05 Ham Radio

7:40 Using Ham in an Emergency


3 Levels of Overland Trips:

Level 1 Trip: Basic
- Tow Truck Accessible
- Mostly On-Grid Level

2 Trip: Intermediate
- Tow Truck Accessible
- On the Fringes of the Grid with Some Time Off-Grid

Level 3 Trip: Advanced
- Not Tow Truck Accessible
- Extended Time Off-Grid