Organizing Your Gear For Spring Overland Travel

Mar 21, 2019

Organize your gear for spring overland travel

For many of us, Spring is officially overpowering old man Winter - and with warmer weather finally in our sights, it’s time to get ready for Spring travel.

Part of trip planning means pulling out all your camping and overlanding gear and deciding what is essential to take and what is dead weight. Once you’ve decided what you need to bring, keeping everything in order and at hand can still be a challenge.

When your vehicle is packed tight, every square inch matters. Maximizing your vehicle space and simplifying how you organize your gear can make your trip more efficient, which gives you more time to soak it all in. That’s where our Packing Cubes and Utility Pouches can be a huge help.

Whether it’s clothes, tools, camping gear, off-road recovery, or anything in-between - our Packing Cubes and Utility Pouches can be used to store and organize almost anything. The name of the game is saving space and knowing where everything is, so it’s easily accessible.

If you take time to get organized before you leave, it will pay off in big ways when you’re out in the wild.