Organize It! Chevy Colorado ZR2 Before and After

Mar 5, 2020

Maximizing your organization potential is kind of our thing here at BROG! We decided it was high-time to show Chevy Colorado owners some love. We teamed up with Quinn and his 2018 Chevy ZR2 for a BROG-style makeover.

“There are some under-utilized spaces in the Colorado,” Quinn said. We could see that this truck has a lot of storage potential though, so we were more than happy to tackle this challenge!

First, we decided on some Velcro Visor Organizers to store things like pens, sunglasses, and trip receipts. Quinn recognized them as a place to store Purple Lizard Maps!

Next, it was time for a 14x20" MOLLE Seatback Panel. We fully kitted this one with a MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch, a medium Velcro GP Pouch, and two small Velcro GP Pouches. This created storage possibilities for miscellaneous small gear. The pouches hold things like road flares, winch controllers, and flashlights.

We decided to go with a Headrest Trash bag after that. Our Headrest Trash bag is the best spot for used food wrappers to hang out. It’ll also keep your floorboard from becoming a graveyard for discarded Gatorade bottles!

“The console in the Colorado is deep, but it’s not very wide. Any kind of gear just kind of gets thrown in there,” Quinn said. So we decided it was time for some custom-made magic! Our design team made a console tray to get the center-console in order. We found that the console can hold a tray and two console pouches comfortably without blocking the power outlet inside.

The headrests in Colorados have their own unique shape. So it we tweaked our classic headrest panel with a more fitted shape. The result created a perfectly-tailored, snug-fitting storage space on the headrest. The headrest panel is a handy little spot to store additional hook and loop pouches, morale patches, or a First Aid IFAK Velcro Pouch.

We have some good news for Colorado owners. The custom-made products in this video, both the Colorado console tray and headrest panel, will be available for presale from March 10th through the 16th!



  • Headrest Panel for the Colorado (SOLD OUT)
  • Console tray for the Colorado (SOLD OUT)