New Spring Patch!

Apr 29, 2020by Jason F

The BROG Four Seasons patch collection continues with the release of the new Spring patch now in the shop. Third in a four part series, with only 1,000 to be in circulation, the new Spring patch features the BROG logo updated with a seasonal icon.

There are two ways to get a Spring patch. Get yours by placing an order over $150 on our website or find them for sale: HERE.

How To Get Your FREE Spring Patch (EXPIRED 6/4/20):

  • Place an order on our website for over $150.
  • Do NOT add the patch to your order (unless you want to buy one also)
  • Please Note: You will NOT see the patch on your order.
  • A patch notice will be sent to the BROG crew.
  • A Spring patch will be added to your order at no cost.

How To Purchase A Spring Patch:

  • You can purchase the Spring Patch: SOLD OUT!

The final patch in this series will be launched this Summer so don't wait to get your Spring patch now. Once they're gone they are not coming back!