New Limited Run: BROG Forest Dweller Hoodie

Jan 18, 2024by Jason F

Old-timers call the time between Winter and Spring: "Mud". It's a perfect time for having fun outdoors and off-road if you dress for the weather - which is always changing. Especially here in Virginia! In fact, it's hard to know how to dress - so layering your clothes is the name of the game.

That's why we are releasing the new BROG Forest Dweller Hoodie! This is the perfect mid-weight hoodie for adventures in the wild and wild days when you can't get away from town. Stylish and comfortable, this premium hoodie will keep you blending in or standing out, where ever you are.

The BROG Forest Dweller Hoodie is a limited run pre-order. We are taking orders and then the hoodies are going to print! Don't miss your chance to wear the official 2024 hoodie of the BROG Nation ;) . This pre-order ends 2/1/24!