New: IFAK Velcro Pouch 2.0 - Small

Feb 27, 2023

 We make several First Aid bags in various sizes that are perfect for creating a modular, DIY First Aid Kit. Our IFAK Velcro Pouch is the smallest of these First Aid bags. It is designed to attach easily to our hook and loop Headrest Panel for quick deployment, and easy accessibility in your vehicle. Whether for your overlanding vehicle or your every day driver, we think the IFAK Velcro Pouch is essential gear for anyone who prioritizes preparedness.

Now, we are excited to present a thoughtfully upgraded new design for your on-the-go First Aid needs: introducing the IFAK Velcro Pouch 2.0 - Small. This is a complete overhaul of our classic small IFAK Pouch, with increased modularity and now featuring a dedicated tourniquet holder. We got rid of the inside divider and replaced it with an internal removable pouch - allowing for even more ways to customize.

Be ready for anything on your next road trip or off-road expedition: upgrade your First Aid game with this super customizable bag to build your own small IFAK kit. As always: made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee!

**PLEASE NOTE: Does NOT come with tourniquet or any First Aid supplies.**