New: Even More Velcro EDC Organizers

Oct 26, 2023by Jason F

Blue Ridge Overland Gear - even more Velcro EDC Organizers


When we launched into the realm of every-day carry solutions with our Bum Bag and our EDC Pouch, we knew we wanted to carry forward the same principles we've built into our vehicle-based overland gear storage. Those design principles include: (1.) rugged construction (build it to last a lifetime), (2.) easy customization and (3.) a high level of organization.

Building things with tactical grade quality is a no brainer, but maintaining the two other principles (customization and organization) at the same time can be really tricky. That's why we turn again and again to MOLLE and Velcro (aka: hook and loop) attachment platforms to offer the perfect DIY gear organization system. From your vehicle based adventures, to your every-day carry, we've re-imagined how gear can be easy to access and quick to deploy.

We've got some other EDC and general carry products in development that we will be releasing soon, but in the meantime we've come up with three new Velcro EDC Organizers that are designed for the Bum Bag and EDC Pouch:

These three new components expand the possibilities of how you keep your EDC gear in order, especially cords and batteries - items that often get unruly or are easy to lose. These new products also join our existing Velcro EDC Internal Organizer options, including:

Check out the video to see how these new accessories could change the way you customize your Bum Bag, EDC Pouch, or other EDC bags and pouches that feature internal hook and loop.