New: Fridge Topper and Lid Organizer for Dometic CFX 40W and 50W

May 23, 2019by Jason F

Portable electric fridges are a game changer when it comes to overlanding and camping out of your vehicle. Whether you are tired of soggy food and melted ice or are just ready to take your camp food experience to a whole new level, a portable fridge will change the way you eat while enjoying the outdoors.

Out of all the fridges out there we highly recommend Dometic portable fridges - and love them so much we are now a Dometic dealer and are excited to offer select models to you.

We also have been brainstorming on ways to optimize your Dometic fridge experience - and are proud to release to you our new Fridge Topper and Lid Organizer for Dometic fridge CFX 40W and CFX 50W. The Fridge Topper is perfect for keeping your cooking utensils and other camp kitchen essentials organized and easy to reach.

The Fridge Topper is going into production so place your order today*.

SHOP NOW: Fridge Topper for CFX 40W and Fridge Topper for CFX 50W

*Current estimated lead time is two to three weeks.