New Design: Off-Road Air Tools Bag

Feb 10, 2022

Calling someone an 'air head' is often thought of as an insult. But when going off-road it pays to be one. Proper tools for airing up and airing down your tires, as well as tire repair, are essential for overlanding and rock crawling. But keeping those tools organized and easy to find in your rig is the hard part.

We recently took our classic air tools bag and completely re-imagined it, to make it quicker and easier to find your air tools in your rig. Our newly redesigned Off-Road Air Tools Bag has been reborn with our new Triple Run design principles: thicker materials, more attachment options, and streamlined, laser cut MOLLE features.

It is now more versatile but still designed to hold the basics, such as: the ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit, coiled air line, digital tire deflator/inflator, air pressure gauge, and related attachments - or dream up your own kit. It also features a hook and loop Velcro platform on the front for ID Panel labeling - for quick identification.

Want to go beyond basic air tools and carry more? Simply add one or two of our Triple Run GP Pouches to the outside, or add additional large Velcro pouches inside. No matter what you want to carry, our new Off-Road Air Tools Bag is redefining 'air head' so that you can travel smarter and longer.