New: Bigger, Badder Beard Tamer

Oct 12, 2023

Very rugged holiday: top gift idea for overlanders and adventure lovers

Wild and Free...and Neglectful of Personal Hygiene?!

When you are out on the trails and backroads, life is good. Overlanding equals freedom! You are no longer constrained by time or the daily grind. Your days stretch on, as you chase the horizon, enjoying each leg of the journey. 

But being wild and free on your latest adventure doesn't mean you give up personal hygiene. After all, who wants a stinky, grimy traveling companion? Out on the trail and on the road, keeping trimmed and clean is a little trickier but still necessary.

For your full body hygiene needs we recommend our Shower Bag, plus Laundry Bag, combo. But once upon a time we created a more compact dopp kit bag that was ready for action and eager to be deployed. We called it: the Beard Tamer.

The Tale of the Beard Tamer

Over time the Beard Tamer found itself falling out of favor. It was overshadowed by the new Shower Bag and those newfangled Triple Run features. Eventually the Beard Tamer was removed from our regular product lineup and discontinued from the production cycle. The Beard Tamer was dejected and embittered. Left alone and forgotten in a dusty backroom of our shop, it dreamed of seeing the light of day once again.

But one fateful day the Beard Tamer decided enough was enough! There had to be a way to reclaim those former days of glorious adventure. It silently started working out, getting in shape, and bulking up. It learned the ways of the Triple Run, and slid back into the light when the time was right.

The Beard Tamer Is Back!

Today, we are pleased to introduce a bigger, badder Beard Tamer. Beefed up and even more ready to handle your unique toiletry and hygiene gear load-out when you're away from home. Now with Triple Run features, including: heavier duty materials, and laser cut MOLLE so you can expand your kit with more pouches if needed.

The Beard Tamer is the perfect toiletry bag for the avid adventurer - now more capable, tougher, and extra good looking too - just like you :) Stop the stink, get rid of the grime, tame that beard (or hair) and don't get mistaken for Sasquatch out in the wild!

The first batch of the new Beard Tamer is releasing as a pre-sale that ends Thursday, October 19th. Beard Tamers will start shipping 2 weeks after orders close on the 19th.