Is Your Spare Tire Trash Bag...Rubbish?

Jul 27, 2023by Jason F

Having a place to store trash or wet gear outside of the vehicle is critical when you are overlanding or off-roading. That's why you'll see alot of rigs driving around with a large bag strapped to their spare tire. But not all of these bags are created equal.

Is Your Spare Tire Trash Bag Junk?

For instance one of the most well known spare tire trash bags on the market looks sturdy, but has a reputation for not being durable. Even heavy duty canvas is going to break down if it's not UV stable. Pay close attention to what materials are used before making a purchase!

Better Materials and Waaayyyy Longer Warranty

Our Tire Storage Bags (large and XL) are made of UV stable vinyl-coated polyester, aka 'truck tarp'. It's the same material used on open bed tractor trailers to secure their load. We also use mil-spec webbing and hardware that is designed to endure years of use and abuse on the trail.

And like everything we make, our Tire Storage Bags are manufactured in our production shop here in Virginia, USA and comes with our 'Blue Ridge Built' lifetime guarantee. We will repair or replace anything we make that does not stand the test of time - because people who are hard on gear are our kind of people.

It Costs More Up Front, but Will Cost Less In the Long Run

For bargain hunters our Tire Storage Bag is actually a steal. Not because it costs less than the competition but because you are paying for a better quality product. So instead of buying a spare tire trashbag that you have to replace every year, you pay more up front and keep it longer - a heck of alot longer!! We build it to endure for decades, not months.

But Wait! Is Taking It On and Off A Hassle?

There are a number of reasons why you would not want to keep your spare tire trash bag on your spare tire all the time. In fact, we recommend that when you are back on the grid and driving in civilization, that you do not leave your Tire Storage Bag on. Even if your bag is full of trash, sometimes thieves will target you just because they can.

Unlike some other brands, we've designed our strap setup to be a one time install. That means you don't have to keep installing and uninstalling and installing again. We've designed a clever quick detach system that allows you to install once and then clip or unclip the Tire Storage Bag as needed. No more messing around in the heat of the moment.

Options For Various Sizes

We offer install kits for various tire sizes and our Tire Storage Bag itself comes in two sizes: large and extra large. Still have questions about whether our Tire Storage Bag will work for your setup? Call or email us and we would be glad to answer any questions