Introducing: The OverHoming Collection

Apr 1, 2024

Your overlanding vehicle is awesome. All your gear is in order with Blue Ridge Overland Gear organizers. You've maximized wasted space. There is a place for everything, and everything is in it's place. Your extended trips into the backcountry are stress free. Life is good.

But when you go home - chaos reigns. What if you could bring that same level of organization you have in your off-road rig into your home. Well now you can with the Blue Ridge Overland Gear: OverHoming Collection.

Built for the nuances of sedentary living but with the rugged quality you've come to enjoy from our other products. Pretend you are overlanding every time you are in the house!

Plus, now you can order any product in our OverHoming Collection during the week of April 1st and we will send you a free morale patch.