Introducing: the Cookie Carrier | Snactical Month

Apr 1, 2021by Jason F

How many times has being 'hangry' derailed the enjoyment of your overland adventures? Suddenly you are fighting with your travel mates or cursing under your breathe that a squirrel ran across the trail.

Snacks are critical to the longevity of fun when you are hundreds or thousands of miles from home. That's why we are dedicating a whole month to more organized and easier to access snacking...because adventure makes you hungry.

Welcome to Snactical Month!

We are kicking off Snactical Month with the release of our most iconic storage solution to date - introducing: the Cookie Carrier. The twin brother of our famed Cheez-It Carrier, this next-generation legend is a solid solution for upping your snacking game when on the go.

Whether your favorite cookie is classic chocolate chip, satisfying peanut butter, or spicy gingerbread. Even if you're one of the random weirdos who prefers oatmeal raisin —  get ‘snactical,’ and give cookies a front seat on your next journey.

Get the Cookie Carrier while supplies last!

(sticker comes with each order)