How to Cook Rice and Pasta On The Skottle

Jun 4, 2020by Jason F

Jen from Family Adventures Overlanding joins us for three new Base Camp Basics videos as we continue perfecting the art of camp cooking with the Skottle.

Never heard of a Skottle before? With origins in South Africa and popularized in the 1940's and 50's, the Skottle is a simple, but highly durable grill that is beloved by overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. It resembles a flattened wok with three legs but it's simplicity of use and ease of clean up makes it a camp favorite out on the trail. It's also designed for use with an inexpensive Coleman style single burner and a gas bottle that provides the flame.

Check out the videos by clicking the following links as Jen covers some of your favorite carbs that make a great base for any camp meal:

For recipe instructions and ingredients click on each video and check out the descriptions for all info. Happy camp cooking!