Headrest Storage System

Oct 20, 2022by Jason F

The back of your vehicle headrest is a highly under-utilized space for storing gear for road trips, overlanding, or every day travel. Plus, items stored there are easy to access by anyone in the front or back seats. We prefer to keep our Small First Aid Kit attached to a Headrest Velcro Panel. It ensures your first aid items are at hand and available to most passengers and the driver.

Of course, you have two headrests, so why not outfit the other with our updated Headrest Velcro Kit - which comes with our new Headrest Velcro Pouch or two Medium Clear Velcro Pouches. It's great for keeping charging cables, extra sunglasses, and other small items that have a habit of disappearing when you want them.

Like most Blue Ridge Overland Gear, our Headrest Storage System is modular by nature, so you can make it work for you and your style of travel. It can even change with you over time. Get organized for better travel!