Five Reasons To Buy A Dometic Powered Cooler

Sep 15, 2022by Jason F

 5 Reasons to own a Dometic Powered Cooler

When we started using the Dometic powered coolers on overlanding trips we knew we wanted to be a dealer. We only sell third-party products that we love and know are top quality, so if you are wondering why we recommend Dometic powered coolers check out our five reasons why these are essential for our overlanding trips:

While typical camp meals are okay, you may be ready to upgrade to something beyond freeze-dried foods, oatmeal, sandwiches, and hot dogs. Especially when taking longer trips, now you can expand your culinary horizons, eliminate the possibility of having spoiled food and still keep fresher ingredients just like at home. And you can get ice cold beer or ice cream at the end of a hot day!

One of the downfalls of regular coolers is that the clock is always ticking on how long your ice will last. Even in the most insulated coolers you eventually can end up with your food floating in a pool of water. Also, you don't have to bother with food spoiling on a hot day because it didn't stay cool enough.


Sometimes you want to go far away from home - and explore the backcountry - wherever it may be. A powered cooler is an essential part of making those longer treks possible - and more enjoyable. Continuous cold storage means better food, that lasts longer; more room for food (with no ice that's around 60% more space for food!), and you don't have to mess with dry ice or cold packs. You can even keep personal medications refrigerated - giving you more freedom to travel.

The latest Dometic powered coolers freeze down to well-below freezing while using less power than a 60 W lightbulb - super efficient! They feature reinforced construction, stainless steel hinges and aluminum handles - they are solid.

Dometic has also tested them in extreme desert heat, and it's easy to tell they have no problem performing in harsh temperatures. These beauties have soft touch controls, high-resolution display which is easy to read and the CFX3's have a mobile app to download onto your phone for more control.


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