First Aid Your Way

Aug 18, 2023

Most companies that build First Aid Kits assume they know what you want in a kit: how it's laid out and what supplies are in it. We build First Aid Kit bags for DIYers who want to build their own, according to their needs.

Like all our bags and organizers, we build our First Aid Kit bags to be "bomb-proof". We also make them modular and easily customizable. Why? Because you know what you need best for your unique adventures. From overlanding, to kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and everything in between - our kits can change with you. Want a different layout? Add additional MOLLE or Velcro pouches.

Built with heavy-duty Velcro and laser cut MOLLE attachment points, these kit bags also come with removable inner pouches for quick deployment. Choose from Large, Medium, Small (for Vehicle Headrest), and micro (for EDC).