Find us at Moore Overlanding and Off-Road Expo (April 2024)

Apr 17, 2024by Jason F

Besides putting on our own events each year, like the Roof Top Tent Rally and the Overlander Flea Market, here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear we're pretty choosy about what overlanding and outdoor industry events we attend.

Love of Adventure, Gear... and Trade Shows

Back in the day we were regulars at some of the more prominent events (which back then were much smaller). Today those events seem to be dominated by white noise, big corporate players, and dare we say: a fair bit of un-original gear. As overlanding gets more mainstream are we all in danger of 'jumping the shark'? Is it possible that we have forgotten that the love of adventure doesn't require drowning in a mountain of gear?

But let's be honest, we still love the gear. We make products to organize your overlanding and outdoor gear. And we still love a good trade show where you can see alot of great gear at one time. We love meeting our customers face to face. And when you come to our booth - you are meeting us - the small team that runs the show.

So, we've gone to showing up at events that are a little smaller, or at least a little less... pretentious, maybe? And we are a small team, so we can't attend all the awesome overlanding and outdoor gear expos and trade events out there. There are so many great regional events! Alas, we can only be in so many places at one time.

Find Us At 5th Annual Moore Overlanding and Off-Road Expo

This year you may find our dealers at some of the mega trade show events with our gear in their booths (but watch out for cheap rip-offs and look-a-like products made overseas. If it doesn't have our brand on it - it's not ours). And maybe, just maybe, you'll spot us in the crowd incognito. But we will personally be attending a few events officially with our products in hand and we'd love to see you in person.

One of those events is coming up: The 5th annual Moore Overlanding and Off-Road Expo on April 19-20, 2024 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO.

More About Moore

What is Moore all about? Here's what they say about the event:
"The Midwest’s only indoor event for adventure travel enthusiasts. Vendors ranging from premium overland camping and adventure motorcycling, off-road vehicle parts, power sports equipment, competitive outdoor sports equipment, kayaking, hiking, survival amenities, live product demonstrations, truck accessories, and much much MOORE."

You gotta love a good pun ;)

Find us at Booth #43 at Moore. Stop by, grab some gear organizers and we'd love to hear about what fuels your love of adventure!