How To Choose A Headlamp?

May 26, 2022by Jason F
How to choose a headlamp that is right for you.

For the past five years we have been using Fenix Lighting headlamps and flashlights on our overlanding trips, camping adventures, and in daily life. Fenix is a brand we have found to be extremely reliable, with outstanding features, and a reputation for durability.

But you may be asking: "Which headlamp is right for me?" Our recommendation for choosing a headlamp could be broken down into three criteria: budget, versatility, and brightness. Based on your needs within those three features will lead you to a headlamp that will be perfect for your outdoor needs. It's all about how you will be using your headlamp.

The Fenix LED headlamps we carry cost between $20 to $100. The lowest price point we carry is their E-Lite (150 lumens) multi-purpose mini flashlight and the highest is for the HM65R-T headlamp (1500 lumens). You basically pay for more features and higher lumens, but there is a light for every budget.

All the Fenix brand lights we offer are rechargeable so you'll save a ton of money no matter what model you choose because you won't have to continually purchase batteries.

Some headlamps can function as both flashlight and headlamp and some of them are only one function but may have more features built in. If you use your light for more than one activity, choose one of the multi-purpose models. If you need just a basic headlamp that's super bright we've got you covered. But different models also include other premium features:

  • Battery indicator level
  • Multiple brightness modes
  • Degrees of water resistance
  • Emergency flashing
  • Red light
  • Long-lasting run time
  • Dual distance beams
  • Shock resistance
  • Fenix warranty.
  • and more.

Each model comes with a max lumens level - and can include multiple levels (low, medium, high) or modes of brightness (some of them even have a turbo level). If you are looking for longer distance illumination Fenix brand is a great choice. Some of the models even include both floodlight and spotlight.

Choose your brightness capacity (max lumens) according to the outdoor activities you enjoy. Do you enjoy hiking, and trail running; go for the brighter models with higher lumens that will be able to shine at a broader distance. Do you need just basic use around camp or will you be using your light for close range; then the lower lumens will be a great fit. When in doubt default to models with higher lumens and you'll be covered no matter what outdoor fun you get into.

We've just updated more of our Fenix lights product listings with new video overviews; so check out each one to see what will work best for you. See below for a few of our favorite Fenix headlamps - the HM61R Multi-Use Headlamp and the HL60R Headlamp.

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