Easy, Modular Storage: with Pouch Mounting Panels

Oct 3, 2019by Jason F

If you haven't figured it out by now, at BROG, we're a huge fan of hook and loop! We think the whole world should be covered in it — like a hook and loop revolution if you will! Imagine a world where you can slip into a full-body hook and loop suit ... no need for purses or murses, ladies and gents. You could just stick your EDC items right to your shirt with some one-wrap and go out the front door! Does your toddler keep running off? Imagine if you could hypothetically stick his loop-diapered bottom to a hook-covered chair! Got a co-worker who won't shut up? Sticky hook and loop — right over their mouth! Your problems would be virtually over!

That's why we created the hook and loop Pouch Mounting Panels. They can go anywhere you’d like - you decide! Combined with our various pouches, and a few screws, you can easily install a customized storage solution anywhere in your overlanding rig or trailer! The loop platform is compatible with any hook surface and we offer a variety of sizes. Get radical. Get organized. Join the hook and loop revolution with these Pouch Mounting Panels! ¡Viva La Revolucion!