Custom ID Panels Are Back!

Jan 7, 2021by Jason F
Custom ID Panels (aka: nametapes) are back!


If you love keeping your gear organized like we do, than our rugged bags are a perfect way to tame your camping and overlanding gear. And to make them even more perfect most of our bags feature ample hook and loop so you can label your gear bags with ID Panels (aka: nametapes) - without using x-ray vision.

Sometimes though, the general ID Panels available just don't hit the mark. Drone gear? Dirty laundry? Charging Cables? Your kids' names? Who keeps those in stock? No one! We don't even know your kids' names or what you're stashing in a bag under your seat - but we've still got you covered.

Now that our Custom ID Panels are back - you can get back to obsessing over making sure everything is labeled - and knowing where every piece of gear is in your vehicle. Because even though they taught you in school that labels are bad - out there in the wild it's a necessity for finding your gear when you need it.