Cube Caddy: Storage Tote and Packing Cube Carrier

Nov 14, 2019

We're taking our popular packing cubes up a notch. We've created the Cube Caddy - storage tote and packing cube carrier. Now you can organize your packing cubes in one easy-to-carry, rugged tote. It's stackable, you can clip two caddies together, no extra hardware required. It's great for the beach; it'll go from the vehicle to the sand in one easy pick-up motion. It's also great for storing blankets or jackets in your vehicle.

We'll level with you. If you don't have packing cubes, you could always fill your cube carrier with tacos. Or squirrels. Or beer. Or — if you're really going to go whole hog — fill it with bacon (shameless pun completely intentional). The world needs more bacon transportation solutions if you ask us. Get our Cube Caddy. Because we guarantee you'll never decide you need less bacon. Proven fact.

**Packing cubes not included**