Dometic Fridge + Cook Kit Bag (1 Week Only)

Jul 11, 2019by Jason F


Dometic deal!


Ever gone to your trusty camp cooler and found your sandwiches and beer floating in melted ice? It's bound to happen. Even with the best coolers - they can only hold their ice so long. Soggy food and hot beer can ruin a meal (and the evening) out on the trail. We've been there - cranky and desperate; leaving camp to hunt for the closest ice bags - until we met Dometic.

Dometic powered coolers and mobile fridge/freezers are a gamechanger if you frequently hit the road to enjoy backcountry camping and overlanding. Not only can you keep your beer cold up on the highest mountain ridge, but you can be the camp chef hero - preparing tastier meals for your friends or family, with fresher ingredients - and even take along your hubby's favorite ice cream! All crankiness will be vanquished.

Enjoy cold beer and crisp food with our Summer Dometic deal: buy one Dometic fridge/cooler and get a Blue Ridge Overland Gear Cooking Kit Bag (a 75.99 value) - FREE shipping included. The Cooking Kit bag is perfect for organizing your camp kitchen utensils and spices, and is a great companion for your Dometic fridge.

This deal ends 7/18/19 (one week only). Don't miss it!
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Don't have an auxiliary battery?
Check out the rugged Dometic Lithium Battery.