Build Your Own Gadget Bag!

Feb 9, 2023by Jason F

Here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear we are obsessed with modular storage solutions that make your gear easy to find, even easier to use, and that can evolve with you according to your needs from trip to trip, or just over time.

Our Gadget Bag works for a lot of purposes in its original configuration for outdoor tech like radio communications, drone accessories, and more. While this original layout is perfect for a basic setup, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to kit out just the way you want. With our Kit Your Own (KYOB) Gadget Bag concept, you can purchase the shell for the Triple Run Gadget Bag and then add up to ten pouches or accessories of your choosing.

Now you can build out the perfect kit for photography, videography, search and rescue, or whatever your outdoor tech needs demand. Adventure is not always low-tech and with our modular Gadget Bag you can keep all your gear organized, at hand, and ready to deploy at a moment's notice.