BROG R&D: Side-by-Side Gear Storage Pt.1

May 20, 2021by Jason F

We're always playing around with new product ideas for organizing outdoor and overlanding gear. Most of our rugged soft storage solutions are designed for overlanding vehicles but what happens when you bring a Side-by-Side along? Our friends Rob and Crissi recently got a Can-Am Maverick so it seemed like a good opportunity to put on our thinking caps and do some good 'ole R&D. 

Check out this episode of BROG R&D where we go behind the scenes at our production shop in Bedford, Virginia to bring some organization to the wild world of Side-by-Sides.

Rob shows off a few accessories for towing, and Allison returns to the shop for a day of designing. In part two we build some storage for beef jerky, helmets, and...there may even be an attic - so stay tuned for the continuation next week.

Do you like any of these Side-by-Side (SxS) gear storage ideas? Leave your comments on YouTube or Instagram and we'll be watching for the possibility of doing a limited run of the most popular concept.