Best Tool Bag For Your Overlanding Rig

Jun 12, 2024by Jason F

Every overland rig needs a proper tool kit. But alot of tool storage solutions don't measure up. Traditional tool boxes end up being a black hole and tools rattle around like crazy when going off-road. A typical tote bag, like a tool box, also makes your tools hard to sort out, and unless it's built tough is going to bust a gut in short order. Fancy tool rolls, with a slot for each tool, might look good, but form over function doesn't lead to ease of use. Using a bucket (with an organizer in it) would work great - except it takes up so much space. In your overlanding rig space is at a premium. Saving space is the name of the game. So what's the solution?

We came up with a few rules of thumb to look for when you are choosing a tool bag for your overlanding setup. We also have a few tips for choosing the best size tool bag that will meet your needs according to what kind of overlanding rig you have:

Sound of Silence

It's easy to eliminate a traditional metal tool box for the tools you are taking on the trail. Your overlanding rig does alot of shimmying and shaking off-road and the steady sound of your tools clinking and clanking doesn't lend well to a relaxing journey. The first rule of overland tool storage is: whatever you use, it needs to keep your tools quiet! For us that means a tool bag is going to be best.

Keep It Compact

If space is at a premium in your vehicle then you need a tool bag that is compact. Whether you are hanging your tool bag on a rigid MOLLE grid, stowing it in a drawer system, or stashing it under your seat, you want it to be easily accessible but out of the way. But, does that mean it has to be small? Keep reading to find out.

No Compromise On Capacity

Your tool bag can be compact and still have amazing capacity. We offer three different sizes for your unique setup. We recommend that you choose a tool bag size according to the age of your vehicle, the level of modifications you've made to your vehicle, and the difficulty or length of your typical overlanding trips:

  • Tool Pouch Sling
    Our Tool Pouch Sling is perfect for carrying the basics. This is our smallest option for building a proper tool kit but is big enough to carry what you need for simple repairs. If you are just taking short trips, have a newer overlanding vehicle with not many mods, and are traveling trails that are fairly straightforward, this is the tool bag for you. 

  • Tool Pouch Roll
    Our Tool Pouch Roll is our medium size tool storage solution but additional pouches can be added to bulk up capacity. This is a great solution for anyone taking medium length trips and tackling more challenging trails. Also, if you have an older vehicle or a vehicle with some serious mods, you may need to carry more specialty tools. If so, this is your tool bag.

  • Tool Bag
    Our Tool Bag was the first tool storage solution we designed and it has been our best-seller over the years. In fact, we've even had competitors copycat it's unique design. It is super compact but carries the most tools - it will swallow a large amount of tools! Like all our rugged bags, it is built tough - so load it down, with peace of mind that everything we make comes with our rugged guarantee for a lifetime of use and abuse. 

All our tool bags are also modular so you can add additional MOLLE or Velcro pouches as needed - and each inner pouch is removable. Also, the rugged pouches in our tool bags (large and extra large) feature a clear reinforced vinyl front so you can get a basic idea of what's in each pouch. Don't need all your tools at once? Just grab the pouch you need and go make your repairs. 

Built For the Long Haul?

There are alot of tool bags on the market. Alot of these bags are made of lesser materials. Canvas and similar materials may be thick and strong when they come out of the box but are not the ideal choice for abrasion resistance. Pay attention to what fabrics are used, and just as important: what kind of zippers are being used. We build our tool bags with tactical Cordura fabric for extreme durability, and we use heavy duty YKK zippers so you don't have to worry about failure out in the field. With proper care, your tool bag and tools can be a legacy you leave to the next generation!