Atlas Truck Topper Walkaround with First State Overland

Feb 8, 2024by Jason F

In this overland vehicle walkaround video our friend Chad Lauderbaugh, with First State Overland, recently showed us around his AT Overland Equipment, Atlas™ truck topper on his F350.

Chad walks us through the main features of the Atlas and some of his favorite highlights. The topper comes with the raised bed platform area and the rest of the truck bed is left open to build out however you choose - or leave it untouched for daily hauling. Chad chose to fully build out the truck bed for his overland adventures.

Chad explains his choice of an Alu-Cab 270º Shadow Awning on the outside, and some of his internal customizations within the truck camper, including some unique features: like his raised platform shower setup (right in the middle of everything!), thermal liners of the roof top tent, small propane furnace, custom vinyl sealed birch board cabinetry, phenolic resin countertops, and more.

He also points out that the Atlas truck topper provides ample room when extended. The bed platform is slid out of the way for 'day use' and even though he is an above average height at 6.5 ft, the Atlas still gives him enough room to stand up fully and take his showers within the camper.

One of the most important things Chad brings up is his advice to anyone who is building a rig for the nomadic lifestyle. His recommendation is to make sure you do an accurate audit of how much space you will practically need for remote office work and living within your vehicle. The rest is open to customization according to your own needs and preferences.

Thanks for checking out this overland rig walkaround. To view more walkarounds check out the Blue Ridge Overland Gear blog for inspiration on ways to customize your off-road vehicle for extended adventure travel.

Learn more about Chad's F350 with Atlas truck topper build at: First State Overland. From his website you can follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and more.


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