5 Best Unique Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Moms

Apr 23, 2024by Jason F


5 best unique gift ideas for outdoorsy moms


Mother's Day is a time to honor the mothers in your life (ex: mom, step-mom, grandmother, wife, etc). But too often Mother's Days gifts are overly predictable. Finding the right gift can be difficult - and easily uninspiring. This can be especially true for the mother who loves the outdoors and nature. So, we came up with five Mother's Day gift ideas for outdoorsy moms that are truly unique. We hope you'll find these gift ideas fun and inspiring.

And here is a hint: most of these ideas aren't just something you buy - they are experiences!

1.) Give the Gift of Organized Outdoor Gear (less stress!)

Mother's Day gift idea for outdoorsy mom: outdoor gear organizers - which means less stress on camping trips


If you are a family who loves going on adventures and having fun in the Great Outdoors it's safe to assume you have all the outdoor gear that goes along with those activities. Whether it's camping, hiking, trail-running, boating, climbing, biking, fishing, overlanding, and more, bring order to the chaos with Blue Ridge Overland Gear gear organization solutions. Built in the USA, and made to be long-lasting, the modular approach to these bags and pouches means your adventure mom can customize to her heart's content and keep everything compact, yet easy to find.

That's not just the gift of organized gear - it makes outdoor adventures stress free. And less stress means mom is happy. After all, isn't it the mothers who often pack the gear in the vehicle for camping and road trips?

2.) Give the Gift of Solitude (craft a custom retreat)

Mother's Day gift idea for outdoorsy mom: plan a custom retreat like this woman who is sitting outside a glamping tent


Mom's who love to be outdoors seek to be in nature often for the mental clarity it brings. This Mother's Day, put together a custom retreat package for your deserving mom. Sounds complicated? It's easier than you think:

  1. Buy a nice basket. You know, the kind that she will want to keep and put fruit in as a centerpiece on the table.
  2. Purchase a State Park Gift Certificate. Many State Parks have these you can purchase that can be redeemed at a convenient time. That means she can reserve a cabin, a yurt, glamping tent, or open campsite for a perfect weekend getaway. Put the gift certificate in a fancy envelope and wrap it.
  3. Get her favorite coffee or tea and include in your gift basket. Remember, this is all about making space for her to enjoy some alone time outdoors. For extra points throw a new travel mug in there.
  4. Include some more of her favorite 'me time' snacks, foods, or drinks for the trip. This could be chocolate bars, beer, wine, etc. Go for non-perishable food items so she can plan her getaway in her own timeline. Tell her to save it for sunset watching ;)

3.) Give the Gift of Flowers (it's not what you think)

Mother's Day gift idea for outdoorsy mom: plan a trip to a botanical garden


Most moms enjoy flowers but buying cut flowers is a short lived gift - and frankly somewhat wasteful. You could buy her flowers to plant like many people do, but go one step further. We don't object to planting flowers, but take your beloved mother(s) on a short trip to a botanical garden or arboretum. These public spaces are filled with floral and vegetative wonders. Make sure to check if there is a cost to get in and pack some fancy food to take with you (see the next idea for more on that).

And don't worry about looking up where to go. We rounded up a few lists for you that make it easy to find the nearest botanical garden or arboretum near you.
Check out (1.) Wikipedia, (2.) American Public Gardens Association, and (3.) GardenVisit.com.

4.) Give the Gift of Good Food (and serve it up outside)

Mother's Day gift idea for outdoorsy mom: put together a nice picnic


When I was a kid I clearly remember reading and re-reading the Berenstain Bears book 'The Bears' Picnic'. It's a humorous, yet cautionary, tale of looking for the perfect picnic spot; only to encounter a host of inhospitable environments, and in the end settling on the comforts of home. That was back in 1966.

Today we have the internet so we don't need to guess about where to enjoy a picnic. Find a short hike, or waters edge with award winning views, snag a cooler, and put together a lunch of her favorite foods. Do it together as a family. For extra points dress up as wait staff and present your catered meal, complete with tablecloth and menu. :)

Like we've mentioned earlier, state parks or botanical gardens can be a great resource. And to avoid the Berenstain Bears fate, make sure to read reviews, if you can find them, before you make plans to go there.

5.) Give the Gift of Relaxation (it's always time for hammock time)

Mother's Day gift idea for outdoorsy mom: hammocking


If you've discovered the enormous value of 'hang-time' in a comfortable hammock you know it can't be beat. It's like forest bathing without getting bugs in your pants. And it's portable! Whether at home or at your favorite park give mom some hang time and keep her well supplied with a cool lemonade or ice tea. Setup a folding table right by her side and stock it with good books - or even better, combine hammock time with our picnic idea.

If she doesn't already have a hammock, make that part of the gift. One of our favorite USA made hammock brands is Yukon Outfitters. They have a bunch of cool patterns, they are durable, super easy to setup - and they even sell a double hammock which is one of my family's personal favorites. For the full effect get several double hammocks and relax together as a family. Remember: the family that hangs together stays together.

In Conclusion

We hope those five unique Mother's Day gift ideas for outdoorsy moms will help you find the perfect experience to make the day unforgettable.