Blue Ridge Overland Gear
Made in America. Handcrafted for adventure! Essential overlanding and adventure travel gear for your next outdoor journey!


Day in and day out we are handcrafting high quality, durable products right here by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia - equipping you for your next overland and outdoor adventures. "Blue Ridge Built" is our commitment to handcrafted quality and premium durability. Stop by the shop here in Bedford, Virginia and see how we are breathing new life into: "Made in America".

Like many great names in business, Blue Ridge Overland gear was born in a shed. We call it the "thread shed." Armed with nothing but some material, a sewing machine, and the ambition of making something useful — the first products were made and tested. Some products passed the test. Others did not. Lessons are still being learned and our progress continues. Many iterations and ideas later, we are still bringing to life new and improved gear at the thread shed.

We're a small, yet highly efficient team at Blue Ridge Overland Gear. Our lack of typical bureaucracy allows us to rapidly work through the product design process. It also gives us the ability to respond one-on-one to customer needs .

With Blue Ridge Overland Gear, you can be sure that clever and durable design elements are hand-crafted and sewn into every product. We first make these products for ourselves, then our customer — ensuring the highest quality possible. At Blue Ridge Overland Gear, we use and enjoy our products every day. And we hope you enjoy them too!

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you aren't happy with a product, let us know. If you tow your truck with it and it breaks, we will take care of it (the product not the truck). Please feel free to contact us about any questions or issues you have concerning our gear. Email:

Happy Travels!
The Blue Ridge Overland Gear Team | Virginia, USA.