New: Triple Run Shower Bag

Apr 28, 2022by Jason F

Just because you leave civilization behind doesn't mean you have to look or smell uncivilized. Unless you are a caveman (or cavewoman) you will seek out times to de-stink yourself even when camping or traveling off-road. And because you are into serious adventure, you need an equally serious toiletry bag.

Our new Triple Run Shower Bag is the perfect companion for campground bathrooms or any road-trip cleaning rituals. It hangs easily, is water resistant, over-engineered with rugged materials, and provides multiple attachment points for easy customization. It works great with our Laundry Bag for a simple all-in-one solution for keeping personal grooming items and a pair of clothes or towel within arms reach.

Our Shower Bag is compact but still gives you ample room to store full size shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, hair care products, shaving gear, mouthwash, and of course...the classic rubber duck. All the comforts of your home bathroom in one convenient bag for on-the-go.

So, now you can live in the wild without smelling (or looking) like a wild animal!