Roof Top Tent Rally 2020: Registration Opens Soon!

by Jason F

Roof Top Tent Rally 2020 (RTTR 2020)

The 2020 Roof Top Tent Rally at James River State Park is still in the works! But there are going to be some major changes to the event due to COVID-19 restrictions here in Virginia.

Registration opens on August 3rd and is going to be counted per person (there will be adult and child tickets) instead of per vehicle, and we are going to have to limit the event to 250 people - so it will be a much more intimate event.

Also, because we are in such a quickly evolving time when COVID-19 restrictions could be changed without much notice - we will be offering ticket refunds if government requirements shut down events of this size. But right now we look forward to seeing you there - and encourage you to mark August 3rd on your calendar for RTTR registration. Don't miss out - once tickets are sold out, we won't be able to offer any more!