Gift Ideas For Father's Day 2023

Jun 7, 2023by Jason F
Father's Day Gift Ideas for outdoor Dads


In the early 1900's when Father's Day was first proposed in America - men generally didn't think they needed such a day. Women already had Mother's Day, with flowers and gifts. But men didn't need flowers... or gifts - pshawww! That was for the women!

Times sure have changed and Father's Day gift possibilities abound: the classic mug with some snarky phrase on it, giant candy bar, goofy t-shirt, another eclectic tie, "#1 Dad" trophy, grilling gear, a Dad joke book (cringe!), a personalized cutting board, beer related paraphernalia, or overpriced tech. 

Or you can give the gift of 'better adventure'! Here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear we don't just believe in getting outdoors and off-road - we believe in getting our gear organized, and vehicle space optimized.

Scrap the goofy gift ideas and instead check out our top 'outdoor Dad' gift choices to make this year's Father's Day a win!

And don't forget to order by June 12 for the best chance to get your gifts in time.

Tote Bag

The Blue Ridge Overland Gear tactical Tote Bag is not meant for boring tasks like carrying groceries or transporting books to the library. Although, it can handle those tasks with it's eyes closed (and hands tied behind it's back), it would likely die of boredom. This bad boy is built rugged, is easily expandable with our Medium Packing Cubes, and is perfect for any outdoor or off-road adventure.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear mesh Trucker Hats

Let's face it, the unstructured 'Dad hat' style is grossly misnamed - and slightly uncool. Or maybe we are biased. We think the BROG mesh Trucker Hats should be the new 'Dad hat'! They are high quality and comfortable without sacrificing style. Choose from four different colors / patterns, emblazoned with our 'Reclaim Your Journey' logo. One's things for sure, no Dad can own too many hats!!!

BruTrek x Blue Ridge Overland Gear Coffee Travel Press
We're not sure when the association with Dads and farts became culturally solidified (1970's is our guess) but passing gas has become a pass time for many Dads. Here at the BROG shop we prefer other beans - coffee beans! If the Dads in your life demand an epic cup of joe, even when out in the wild, than our collaboration with BruTrek is the perfect gift.

This Blue Ridge Overland Gear branded BruTrek OVRLANDR® Travel Press is our new favorite way to make better coffee (or tea) on the trail, at camp, or for your daily commute. Don't settle for lesser beans or lesser coffee gear! This Travel Press will keep any adventure Dad properly caffeinated. 

If the Dads in your life are toolmongers like we are, we have a number of options for organizing and carrying tools in a compact way. Most tool boxes are too bulky to take camping or overlanding, and tools clank around with an annoying death rattle. That's where tool bags are a great option.

Our tool bags are made with tactical grade materials and are built to be infinitely tougher than the junky tool bags you can buy out there. Our Tool Pouch Sling is the most versatile in our tool organizers lineup. With removable Velcro pouches and a quick-slide handle, it's an easy choice for storing and organizing vehicle repair tools. It also can be hung off the back of a seat in a vehicle for quick access.

EDC Pouch from Blue Ridge Overland Gear - customizable everyday carry

Many Dads carry too much in their pockets. In fact, the best Dad pockets are like magic bags - an endless trove with anything you might need! - coinage, bandaids, small and large bills, a knife, a multi-tool, a pen, etc, etc. Some Dads take this everyday carry preparedness to the next level.

Our EDC Pouch is for the Dad whose pockets are heavy laden and wants a higher level of organization. Empty those pockets! And with our new EDC Panel, EDC Pocket, and EDC Keepers, he can customize the inside of the EDC Pouch to his heart's content.

Dads deserve awesome outdoor gear. Don't settle for ironic mugs or cheap junk that will get put in a drawer and forgotten. Give the gift of better adventure!