Build Breakdown: DIY Overland Electrical (Pt. 5: Wiring Details)

Jan 20, 2022by Jason F

In Part 5 of the 'Build Breakdown: DIY Overland Electrical' video series, Jeremy (@Family Adventures Overlanding) finishes up the electrical upgrades in this full size truck overland build. He goes over shore power and splicing large power cables, labeling wires, and mounting components in the engine bay.

Want to jump to specific content in the video:

00:43 - Power Switch Bracket

02:20 - Engine Bay Wiring Harnesses

03:45 - Shore Power Install

08:10 - Interior Wiring Harnesses

10:06 - Weboost and Lights

12:01 - Center Console Wiring

13:24 - Labeling wires

14:39 - Center Console Finished

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