What is Overlanding?

To put it simply, Overlanding is vehicle-based on-road and off-road adventure travel with a focus on self-reliance, resilience, and enjoyment of the journey. Since the dawn of four-wheel drive vehicles, modern overlanding has captured the imagination of eager adventurers worldwide.

While truly an international movement, here in the U.S.A overlanding has taken on a life of it’s own with regional and national gatherings and various expos that feature training, vendors and expansive outdoor venues.

Overlanders can be single men and women, couples, friends, and even families. Solitary travel is common as people seek to gain new perspectives, experiences and personal reflection. Group trips are also a mainstay of overlanders with a heavy focus on community, mutual support and the formation of lasting friendships.

While many people self-identity as overlanders it is a growing niche within outdoor adventuring. There is also a subset of people who are engaged in practices or elements of overlanding but may not be engaged in the overall movement. These practices may include off-roading, road-tripping, car camping, and vehicle based nomadic living.

At the heart of overlanding is a love of the great outdoors, camping culture, and exploring new places. There is also a core obsession with vehicle mechanics, customization, and building out a unique rig that suits the personality and needs of the specific overlander.

The most appealing aspect of overlanding is - anyone can do it. There are great resources available for learning about: trip planning, off-roading, navigation, vehicle repair and other aspects of overlanding. You can start small or go big - often it starts with a weekend here or there and then becomes more serious over time as the love for overlanding grows. It is habit forming and it could change your life forever.

We are so passionate about this form of adventure travel that we design and craft handmade rugged storage solutions, modular organizers and other gear to make your overlanding journey more enjoyable and more organized. Spend more time focused on what you love - exploring, seeing new places, relaxing by the fire - rather than spending 30 minutes looking for the first-aid kit, your wrench set, or the waterproof matches.

What is overlanding? Overlanding is what you make of it. Let us help you get equipped. The weekend is almost here. It’s time to get out there.


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