zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches
zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches
zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches
zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches
zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches
zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches
zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches

zz_Triple Run: Gadget Bag - NO Pouches


This is a component of another product and not available for individual sale.


Triple Run Gadget Bag - Shell Only - NO Pouches


Ever wish your technical outdoor gear had a home? The Triple Run Gadget bag is designed to organize and protect all of your critical adventure tech. We'd like to introduce a BROG-quality solution for GoPros, Radios, phone accessories, and other essential gadgets.

The Gadget Bag measures 12" x 8" x 4" deep. The inside of the bag features a wall-to-wall Velcro platform and four removable 4x12" Velcro pouches. We created this bag to be modular. The design is adaptable enough to change and develop as your adventure, gear, and vehicles evolve.

Both the front and rear of the bag are built with Triple Run ladder loops. The ladder loops can accommodate Triple Run medium packing cubes or other Triple Run accessoriesand gives the bag the signature Triple Run look. 

The handles are made from a tubular 1" webbing, which is incredibly strong and still feels comfortable in your hand. The handles are also woven through the MOLLE, and bartacked in multiple places making them extra durable. 

    • Includes Gadget Bag Shell
    • Made with heavy Squadron and 1000D Cordura material
    • Made in Virginia, USA
    • Rugged Lifetime Guarantee
    • Features the branded Triple Run logo

*In the future, we will be rolling out more inserts tailored to specific gear 

#BlueRidgeBuilt: Buy Once. Use For a Lifetime.

Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA. Rugged Quality.'Blue Ridge Built' is our commitment to design and build the most innovative and durable goods for your adventurous life. All Blue Ridge Overland Gear brand products come with a rugged lifetime guarantee, are made of tactical quality materials, and are carefully crafted by our small but dedicated team of builders here in Bedford, Virginia, USA, since 2012.


We pride ourselves in building rugged products that you can use for a lifetime. We’re in it for the long haul and so is our gear. Don’t be afraid to put it to the test. If for some reason you don’t love your authentic BROG gear, let us know and we’ll make it right.

If you run it over by accident or the kids (human or animal) tear it to pieces, let us know and we’ll replace it. If you drop it off a cliff or some curious squirrels steal it away in the night, that would be hard to replace. If our products don’t survive your typical wear and tear, or even your abuse - we want to know about it.

Here's the fine print:

  • We design and build our products to last a lifetime of adventuring. That means we make our products with rugged materials to last the long haul.
  • We are happy to fix or replace anything that is produced in our shop - because people who are hard on gear are our kind of people.
  • When you buy from us you also get our premium customer support. Our Customer Support Team can be reached by email and phone during normal business hours (EST).
  • We are focused on keeping the tradition of quality American manufacturing alive here Bedford, Virginia. Come by the shop and check out how we make our products. We don't just sell stuff - we are makers.
  • We're real people, focused on helping you improve your outdoor and overlanding adventures. We care about your experience with us and are committed to continually improving. Give us your feedback - we really listen.

Third Party Products

We recommend and sell a variety of premium overlanding gear and other products that are not produced by us. Please note that anything produced by a third party will have it's own manufacturer's warranty and is not covered by the BROG warranty.

We offer morale patches, nametapes (ID panels), and at times t-shirts, that may have the BROG logo or messaging on it. We warranty these products but they are not made in-house.

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